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A Halo Called Fred, the best guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware band in the universe.

"That which reflects the goodness of an individual, is a halo.
That which reflects the goodness of all mankind is A Halo Called Fred"

   -- Melvin Toast


"We Love You All", our latest album is available now!

Buy the special, limited edition first pressing, only availble directly from us:
Also available on iTunes!

Preview it here: Listen to more on our music page.



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Everything Fred Tells Me is True Now Available!
From the warped minds of A Halo Called Fred, the new feature film Everything Fred Tells Me is True, is now available for viewing.

Watch it today!

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    You can now be the most fashionable person on the face of the planet with our new Halo Called Fred T-shirts!

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